Thursday, November 29, 2012

Restorative Workshop With Mouon Levan

May your Holiday’s be Balanced & Bright!

Take time to rejuvenate in the midst of all the
Holiday madness & invest in yourself!
***Sunday Dec.9th OR 16th, from 1pm-3pm*** 

  • Gain tools & techniques to revitalize mind, body & heart. 
  •  Learn a balanced yin & restorative practice.
  • Gain insight into regenerating your prana (energy), the substance that pervades all organic life & is the essence of growth & decline.
  • Learn a seven minute breathing practice, to awaken the main energy centre in your navel that can be practiced daily.
  • Learn a meditation to culminate all of your mental and physical energy.

$39.99 per person must pre register. Max 9 people per class.
Call 604-287-7282 to register.

Thursday, November 8, 2012



 ALL hot yoga classes are now using infrared heat!

Why Infrared heat? 
  • Burns 5x the amount of calories.  
  • Removes 7x the toxins. 
  • Flushes out cellulite. 
  • Promotes clear skin. 
  • Relives menstrual Pain.
Did you know?
Infrared heat is a more Eco-friendly type of heat!  Using  less than half of the energy of conventional heat, reducing our carbon footprint!

*Infrared yoga is INCLUDED in our 30 day unlimited yoga pass!*

***ONLY $85.00!!!!***