Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Introducing: Spiritual Development classes
with Andrea Exner
June.10-July.8th (No class on Canada Day)
Monday's from 745pm-9pm.

In this series of 4 classes you will learn about:

  • ·         The Aura or energy body.
  • ·         How to raise your energy vibrations.
  • ·         The Chakra.
  • ·         Spiritual guides.
  • ·         Totem animals.
  • ·         How to unite the physical, energetic and emotional bodies.
  • ·         How to protect yourself energetically.
  • ·         Techniques for self-healing.
  • ·         How to develop your intuitive self through the higher Chakras of the Crown &     Spiritual eye.
  • ·         Learn meditations to connect to your higher-self.

All levels welcome, Classes are on Monday's from 745pm-9pm.
Must pre-register, limited space available.

To reserve a spot you must pre pay,
Cost is $80.00 (tax included)

Contact: Iron Lotus Yoga at 604-287-7282, please pay by credit over the phone or drop a check in the box outside the studio.

7331 Grand St, Mission BC, 604-287-7282

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