Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Meditation Challenge!!!

We are holding a Meditation Challenge!!

The Rules are simple you must attend the next 3 Friday night meditations at 745pm (by donation)

If you complete ALL 3 Friday's you will be enter to win:
A meditation CD
2 free yoga classes
Eco-friendly yoga mat
Buddha tea light holder and a solid perfume of your choice!!!

April.13, 745pm- Meditation for the ears, use music to draw you deeper into meditation then ever before!(45mins)

April.20, 745pm- Om ceremony, learn about the significance of the symbol and sound of Om and how it can be used in meditation.(45mins)

April.27/12, 745pm- Meditation for the heart, relax and open your heart in a "metta" meditation.(45mins)

Ask Laura for a Challenge Card!!! Good luck everyone:)

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